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Giving Back to the Communities that Support Us

Corporate philanthropy is a key facet of RioCan’s profile as a good corporate citizen and one that we have always viewed as a priority. We support a number of charitable organizations, with an emphasis on children’s and medical charities, through donation of our time, space and financial resources. Giving back to the communities that we live, work and thrive in has always been important to us; fundraising efforts return long-lasting benefits to society, its employees and the Trust.

Health and Wellbeing

RioCan strives to make each of its shopping centres a safe and integral part of its local community. Adequate lighting in parking lots, a clean environment and attentive staff all assist in providing a safe shopping environment in RioCan’s centres. RioCan has installed automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in many of RioCan’s enclosed shopping centres to provide emergency care in the event of a heart attack. An AED is a device that can monitor heart rhythms, and if necessary deliver an electric shock to restore heart rhythm and potentially save lives.

Strong Internal Team

RioCan provides its employees with a safe work environment, free from discrimination and harassment. RioCan has a number of employee-focused initiatives that are designed to improve workplace satisfaction. These initiatives include development and education programs. RioCan also has a comprehensive Code of Conduct for all employees, which includes protections against harassment and discrimination and provides guidelines for employee conduct including anti-bribery and fair dealing with RioCan’s stakeholders. Furthermore, RioCan provides a Whistleblower hotline to provide employees with the ability to anonymously report violations of RioCan’s Code of Conduct.